Brownstone Day School

About Brownstone

Brownstone touts itself for practicing and modeling positive psychology methods. We understand that we can support the construction of strong neural pathways that access the highway of thinking and feeling with less resistance to arrive at the destination faster and safer. Enforcing a positive process to build healthy thoughts and feelings is our mission—gauging the glass as half full, rather than half empty. By teaching our early learners to absorb the information and feelings from positive experiences to raise the bar, we help our youngsters acquire habits that will give them the rock-solid foundation for their future growth.

    Brownstone is:
  • A 3 star step up to quality birth to five, kindergarten readiness center
  • A continuity of care center
  • On the forefront of nutritional awareness -- promoting healthy habits starting in infancy
  • An infant sign language certified center
  • Brownstone provides:
  • The Dappy curriculum
    • Social emotional and intellectual development by building confidence through focusing on the interests and strengths that uniquely identifies each child

    • Competency in reading, completing, and referencing statically driven assessments and scientific based standards, i.e., ASQ3, Deca, Teaching Strategies Gold and Ohio Early Learning and Developmental Standards

    • Teaching a balanced exploration and recognition of the intuitive, instinctual, intellectual, and rational phases of the brain

    • Recognizing that there is a continuously moving curve for every life phase or circumstance and accommodating every child whether they are under, on, or above the curve

    • Early literacy methods and techniques

  • Program sponsored Mandarin lessons
  • Music for Life
  • A certified licensed prekindergarten
  • Three state of the art playgrounds
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Summer camp
  • After and before school program
Brownstone Day School   18225 Sloane Avenue   Lakewood, OH 44107
phone 216.221.1470   fax 216.221.1488    text 216.221.1470
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